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Hagerstown,  MD 21740

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  • Fight fatigue with the elimination of waste products through the lymphatic and circulatory system
  • Increased circulation & reduced stress on the heart which helps keep blood pressure in check
  • Alleviation of muscle tightness, stiffness, tension and cramping
  • Relief from headaches, stiff neck, backaches, sciatica, edema and sore feet
  • An increase in oxygen and nutrients to the cells of mother and fetus; meaning more energy & fetus receives better nourishment
  • Stabilization of hormone levels
  • Increased flexibility of muscles
  • Relaxation and better sleep
  • Relation of muscles to improve rotation of breech presentation
  • Preparation and loosening of the pelvis before birth
  • An easier childbirth
  • Easier breastfeeding and better milk production due to reduction in tension
  • Faster healing during postpartum recovery
  • Realignment of pelvis after birth
  • Relief from soreness and stiffness after childbirth
  • Faster recovery after a caesarean birth

We have a wide array of body treatments for you to choose from. Each of our therapeutic body treatments are designed for different, yet specific needs.

Some like a light touch, while others prefer deep pressure tissue work, some like a cool room, while others like it warm. Whatever your desire, you just let us know and you can rest knowing you will receive the ultimate experience from your stay. 

Unwind and enjoy...
Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a style of massage therapy in which water-heated stones are placed at specific sites on the body to promote deep relaxation. 

Using heated stones in various techniques provides deep dimensions of relaxation and well-being.  Essential oils are often incorporated into the massage treatment.

  • Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation
  • Alleviates stress
  • Releases toxins
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves circulation
wraps & scrubs

Our specially designed body wraps and body scrubs relax the mind and body for year-round healthy and radiant skin. Each treatment begins with a cleansing body exfoliation, to replenish skin with nutritious amino acids, extract toxins through the circulatory system, reduce water retention, hydrate the skin, followed by a de-stressing massage and a mind-freeing scalp massage. The veil of dullness and dryness will be lifted to restore its natural silkiness, while mind, body and spirit are restored.

herbal body wrap  
A toning, detoxing and rejuvenating total body wrap. Includes a full body polish, wrap, foot and 
hand.Our wraps are designed to raise the body's temperature and induce perspiration to help 
eliminate toxins and increase absorption of the products/oils into your skin. If you are looking to detox 
or hydrate and/or both, this is a great treatment for you.                                                             75 mins 135 | 123

cocoa body treatment
Delight all your senses while nourishing and infusing your body with cocoa, almond, jojoba and 
macadamia oils to tone, soften, nourish and hydrate your skin.                                                                         75 mins  135 | 122             

detoxifying seaweed body wrap
Natural seaweed and seawater based products, highly mineralized, mud treatment. Oxygenating 
seaweed mud provides a complete exchange between mud and skin, exchanging toxins and waste 
for needed vitamins and minerals. An excellent treatment for sore muscles and cellulite concerns.                           75 mins  135 | 122                    

essentials back facial
Just like the face, the back has special cleaning needs with exfoliation and maintaining moisture balance. 
We begin with a cleansing massage, followed by gentle exfoliation, soothing hydrating mask. This soothing, 
hydrating mask is based on vitamin and mineral rich EcoCert seaweed that nourishes skin and provides 
anti-oxidant protection. Vitamin A helps stimulate skin repair while improving skin tone and texture. 
Moisture-boosting Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Vitamin E provide an ideal skin smoothing treatment.       60 mins   125 |  112   

glow & shine
Full body polish and touch therapy massage with essential oils to leave skin and body fully rejuvenated. 
Choose from either our Lavender & Oatmeal scrub to hydrate or our signature Coffee & Coconut scrub to 
tighten and tone. Our scrubs are designed to gently exfoliate the skin, using fresh, organic ingredients. We 
finish with and organic body butter application. You will leave feeling relaxed, hydrated and refreshed.            75 mins 149 | 135
60-mins, $130

90-mins $175

Beaver Creek 
Signature Massage

Beaver Creek Signature Massage is designed for the ultimate in relaxation using a combination of Swedish, Aromatherapy and Hot Stones, all incorporated to give you a tremendous relaxation experience. This massage also includes a foot and scalp massage - all to ease any tension in your body while reducing muscle pain and improving your body's circulation.

Before you massage, you will take a delightful hot shower to soften your muscles. After your massage, you will continue your rest for as long as your desire in our quiet room. 

We believe that once you have reached this state of complete relaxation we want your blissful experience to linger throughout your day.
Nurturing the Mother Benefits

60-mins $130

90-mins $160


As the best-known type of bodywork performed today, one of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. 

Beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

The principal moves of Swedish massage are:

Effleurage: Long gliding strokes 

Petrissage: Kneading movement 

Tapotement: Tapping muscles 

60-mins, $85

90-mins $135

The Body

Deep Tissue

This deep tissue massage technique uses, slower, more-forceful strokes to target the deep layers of muscles and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces Chronic Pain
  • Rehabilitates injured Muscles
  • Breaks up Scar Tissue
  • Increased blood flow to muscle tissue
  • Improved posture and flexibility
30 mins, $50

60-mins, $110

90-mins $150

Couples Massage

Relax and escape with a friend or loved one with our Couples Massage. 

Two people can enjoy their massage experience together, side-by-side in our couple's room. A perfect way to enjoy quality time together. This room is ideally suited for special occasions, such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Mother's Day or just because.

You may wish to continue your special time together with a luncheon in your room or on our mountainside porch. Please call ahead for availability.

Nurturing Mother

​Massage is a great way to deal with your body’s changes pre and post pregnancy. Each stage presents different challenges which are addressed and customized to your specific needs. After the first trimester your massage is in a side-lying or semi-reclined position for the ultimate safety and health for you and your baby. Due to extra weight and a shift in the centre of gravity, Swedish and Remedial Massage techniques can assist with the tensions and pains experienced during pregnancy.

There are MANY benefits of a Pregnancy Massage, some of which are listed below.

60-mins $190

90-mins $260

60-mins, $110

90-mins $135

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