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20432 Beaver Creek Road
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

our rooms
Our full service spa offers the ultimate in relaxation. Our private spa suite hosts a gorgeous wooden vaulted ceiling with fireplace and incredible country setting and mountain view. For your comfort & convenience, we provide you with a robe and spa dress.

For most massage treatments, it is customary to undress completely and wear your robe while waiting for your therapist. If this makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to wear your undergarments. We can also provide disposable undergarments. You will be properly draped for the entire massage. You are welcome to wear your robe to the Spa. We accommodate spa robes and dresses up to size 3x. Due to safety concerns of the stairs, we do not provide slippers at this time. You are welcome to bring your own.

additional services
We are unable to add additional services to any of our packages. You are welcome to book ala carte for inn stays and spa services.

A standard 20% gratuity will be charged to all groups of 3-or more; couples services; 90-minute spa treatments and any reservation with 3-or more bookings reserved. Our staff is committed to ensure that you have the most pleasurable experience with us. To ensure that we maintain our dedicated staff, effective January 1, 2023, a standard gratuity is 20% will be included and reflected in our all of our spa service pricing. 

To ensure our guests have the utmost tranquil experience, cellphones and similar devices are not appropriate in any part of the Spa. We ask that all devices are turned to silent or left in your suite. If it is necessary to make a phone call, please return to your suite or step outside to speak privately.

Please do not bring jewelry or other valuables to The Inn & Spa. We are not able to assume responsibility for valuables that are lost or left here. Your spa attendant may provide you with a spa crate should you leave your suite for specialty services.

comfort level
When receiving your treatment, your Therapist will address your needs based on your personal assessment. They will speak to you about the temperature, pressure, music, product, and sequence of service they are providing. We encourage you to also communicate how you are feeling during your service, and if there is anything specific you would like us to address. Your comfort is deepest desire.​

health conditions
Please note that receiving treatments when ill (i.e. cold or flu) may cause your symptoms to accelerate and, if contagious, may place our treatment staff in an unhealthy environment. If illness is detected, alternative treatments or rescheduling may be necessary.

For the peacefulness of our clients, please do not bring children to the spa, unless they are receiving services.

Full payment is required to book any and all spa services, packages, etc.  

We require full payment to reserve any and all spa services. We recognize that life provides many challenges, however, we require at least 72-hours notice for cancellations and a 50% of the service cost will be applied for the cancelled service. The remaining 50% of your total service cost may be applied for a future service date for one year of the original service date. Prices are always subject to change, therefore, please confirm prices for future appointments. 24-hours or less notice of cancellation, we will collect 100% of the total service cost.

We understand life is full of interruptions, however, you should plan to arrive 10-minutes prior to your service time. This allows you to unwind prior to going into service. Our Fireside Lounge is a great way to unwind, and we also have complimentary wine. In the event you should arrive late to your service, we will deduct this time from your allotted service time, i.e. you have a 3:00 pm 60-minute massage and arrive at 3:20 pm; your service time will therefore be for 40-minutes. 
S​pa Policies