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20432 Beaver Creek Road
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

Whether it's your wedding day, a date night or any other special event, we provide the ultimate makeup application experience, so you leave feeling pampered & glowing!

We also offer private & group classes for learning basic-to-advanced makeup techniques.

Since the age of 15 years old, I was obsessed with all things beauty and make-up. One day while reading my Cosmopolitan Magazine from cover-to-cover, I saw an ad in the back where I could order this most amazing make-up kit that included multi-shades of lipstick, eyeshadows, cheek colors, lip liners, eye liners, mascara, etc. It said I could order it and then pay later. I got an envelope and stamp and quickly mailed it off. Shortly thereafter, a huge package arrived when I returned from high school. I quickly whisked it up to my bedroom and thought I was in utopia. My mother soon after must have received the bill for this, as she asked me about the kit and how was I going to pay $150.00 for all of this makeup --mind you, this was in 1979 and that was a significant amount of money, the likes of which my babysitting money did not cover. As a result, I had to pack it all up and return it.  However, this did not squash my eager desire to continue learning all things make-up and beauty.

At the age of 18 years old, I met a modeling scout for John Casablanca's modeling school, where my boyfriend at the time encouraged me to attend. I was terrified for many reasons, I had to drive to Baltimore every weekend and I had absolutely zero confidence to be a model. But what kept me returning every weekend was learning all things beauty and confidence. I was a virtual sponge learning and mastering contouring, highlighting and black & white photography make-up.

My passion today has evolved into become a licensed aesthetician where keeping skin healthy, fresh and radiant is vital to maintaining a youthful appearance. Whether you want a full-glam look for special events or merely want to learn how to put on a quick fresh out the door --I've got you beautifully covered.
Kelly Moler
Licensed Aesthetician/Make-up Artist
Touch up
Full Application


Classes receive 10% discount on all makeup items


Private Instruction:
Class Workshop (Up to 5):

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